The Walking Dead, Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars

The Walking Dead, Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars opens with the group, led by Rick Grimes, searching for a place that they can call home. On their journey, they discover a prison, which looks to be a promising salvation for these weary travelers. But before this new residence can be called a permanent home, it must be cleared of certain inhabitants, zombies. In addition to the zombies, they meet Dexter, Axel, Andrew, and Thomas, prisoners who have been locked in the cafeteria.

Even though some of the prisoners have been incarcerated for various crimes, Rick’s group and Dexter’s group are coexisting because they have the basic necessities in life: food and shelter. Hence, life for them is great right now. Besides, when travelers are beyond exhausted and inmates are experiencing a new freedom and do not know how to survive in an apocalypse, it would make sense for them to live together in a peaceful manner.  

Expectedly, the parents continue to experience challenges with raising their children, which requires more energy due to this apocalypse. Also, as with the previous volumes, death is inevitable in this new world. The loss of life will cause some of the residents to experience a hurt that will be everlasting. For the readers, they will ponder if there really is safety behind bars. 

Who dies? Who is the murderer? Have the deaths fractured the relationships in Rick’s group? Have the deaths caused an end to the tranquility between both groups? How will the residents move forward together? What does Rick discover at Shane’s grave? Read this Volume 3 to find out the answers to these questions. Note: AMC’s prison storyline is much different than the graphic novel. Therefore, if you have not read the book, do so because you will be surprised.

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