Carl Weber’s, The Family Business

After watching The Family Business television series, which is based on Carl Weber’s novel series, The Family Business, I decided to read the books of this collection. The first book, The Family Business, is bursting with details that will keep readers turning the pages. Therefore, do not solely rely on the television episodes because you just might have a question that only the book can answer.

The Family Business novel series is about the Duncans, a well-respected family in the black community. The Duncans own a car dealership, but they do not sell just cars; they sell exquisite automobiles. Being in this business has allowed them to live a luxurious lifestyle. However, the car business is not the only contributing factor to their wealth; they are also involved in the narcotics industry — they are sophisticated drug dealers.

Whereas some authors name the chapters in the books — Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 etc. — Weber does not do this. Instead, he names the chapters of this book after the characters. As a reader, I like this because I do not have to guess what I will be reading about in the upcoming chapters.

In this first installment of The Family Business series, L.C. (the head of the family) and Chippy (his wife) decide that it is time to retire, but they must choose a successor to take over the family empire. Harris Grant, who is married to L.C. and Chippy’s daughter, London, believes that it should be him because he is L.C.’s right-hand man and family lawyer. But L.C. and Chippy have another person in mind. When they announce that Orlando, one of their sons, will be the successor to the throne, Harris feels slighted. In addition, just as business is thriving and Orlando is adjusting to his new position, a looming threat rears its ugly face, and the Duncans must re-emphasize that they are an unstoppable force.

Furthermore, The Family Business does not wait for the drama to begin. In fact, Paris (Chapter 1) is packed with action. Weber brings his characters to life and readers will immediately form an opinion about each one. The characters that I absolutely do not like are Vinnie Dash and Harris Grant. Vinnie is a jerk, and Harris is a pathetic husband who needs a dose of his own medicine. When I read about Harris, I instantly thought of Joe’s song, “What If a Woman.” The lyrics are powerful and should not be ignored. Perhaps, if Harris thought about his wife taking heed to these words, he would quickly cease his foolishness. On the other hand, I like the rest of the Duncan family, but I do not have a favorite character yet.

As I was reading this novel, these are the questions that I wanted answered:

  • Will L.C. defeat this threat?
  • Will Orlando prove to be a worthy successor?
  • Why are London and Paris always arguing?
  • Why is Vegas in prison?
  • Will London finally stand up to Harris?
  • Will the public learn about the Duncan secret?

Read The Family Business to find out the answers to these questions. Learn about L.C., Chippy, Orlando, Junior, London, Paris, Rio, Nevada, and Harris to find out how each member plays an intricate role in the family business. Happy reading!!!

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