The Walking Dead: Volume 2, Miles Behind Us


In The Walking Dead: Volume 2, Miles Behind Us, Lori is having flashbacks about having to leave Rick because he is in a coma at the hospital. While trying to seek safety in their changing society, Shane, (remember him), helps Lori and Carl. In the midst of the madness, Lori and Shane find solace in one another. When Lori confesses to Shane, “I’ve wanted this for so long,” it makes me question if she chose the wrong man to marry. Unfortunately, Shane’s plan for “happily ever after” changes when Rick accidentally finds his family. However, Shane is no longer a threat to Rick’s family because he is dead…sorry Shane fans. 

In addition to Rick, Lori, Carl, Andrea, Dale, Allen, Donna, Billy, Ben, Carol, Sophia, and Glenn, new members are added to the group: Tyrese, his daughter, Julie, and her boyfriend, Chris. They are looking for food and shelter, and just when they have nothing else to eat, they run into Rick’s group. When they begin to look for a decent neighborhood in which to live, they find Wilshire Estates. It seems like the group hits the jackpot, but this is not the case. Therefore, they immediately leave but without gathering food that was in the homes. While hunting for food, a terrible accident, which involves Carl, takes place, and the group meets Herschel Greene and his immediate and extended families. Herschel has six children: Lacey, Arnold, Maggie, Billy, Rachel, and Susie. Otis and his girlfriend, Patricia, are his extended family. 

In this new world, Rick Grimes’ group is learning that nothing and no one can be taken for granted. They are appreciative for the smallest things, such as showers, commodes, beds, food, and even space. Rick and Tyrese even miss watching NFL football games, but Tyrese misses it more because he is an ex-NFL player. However, some things, such as discipline, do not change. These parents still guide their children if they do something that can put them in harm’s way. This apocalyptic world is causing these parents to be more protective of their children than ever before. 

Consequently, this new way of life is definitely challenging the group. Tempers flare, teenagers know it all, and decisions and actions are questioned. Logic is what this group needs the most, especially when Herschel tells Rick that it is time for the group to leave his farm. Find out how they manage in The Walking Dead: Volume 2, Miles Behind Us.  Be on the lookout for my next review on The Walking Dead: Volume 3, Safety Behind Bars.

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