Love is Sweet

I am a member of Leave the Reading to Us Book Club, and this where I first heard about independent author, Nicki Grace. As a club, we decided to read to Grace’s novel, Love is Sweet. From reading the title and the book synopsis, along with viewing the cover, I was curious. 

Piper Fosters is a stripper who has plans to walk away from this part of her life — forever. She makes this decision because she promises her aunt that she will officially retire as a stripper and work a regular, 9-5 job. Having saved enough money on which to live, Piper settles into her new lifestyle as an administrative assistant at a veterinarian hospital. 

However, before she ends her career as a stripper, she meets the handsome and intriguing Scott Bolden. This chance meeting happens while she is at the mall, and her skirt gets stuck in the escalator. In need of much help, Scott rescues her from what could have been an extremely tragic situation. After saving this damsel in distress, they have an instant connection and a relationship  quickly develops. Although the honeymoon phase seems awesome, red flags are screaming at Piper.

In this novel, Grace allows her audience to analyze the dynamics of Scott and Piper’s relationship. By doing this, readers will experience emotions, from joy to anger. In fact, they may find themselves talking to the characters, smiling with and at the characters, or just shaking their heads. Either way, Grace’s readers are going to have a reaction. 

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