Freelance & Technical Writing: Words for Sale

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While perusing the shelves at my school library, I saw the book title, Freelance & Technical Writing by Camden Flath, which is part of the series, New Career for the 21st Century: Finding Your Role in the Global Renewal. Since I was curious about this book, I checked it out. Consisting of only four chapters and 64 pages, this is a quick read for students. After reading this book, students will have a clear understanding about pursuing a career as a freelancer or a technical writer.

I like how this book allows readers to analyze their personalities to help them make a wise choice concerning their future career path. For example, on page 24, Flath identifies and explains five different personalities to help readers to decide the best career option for them. Therefore, it is important for them to have a career that they love and not a job that they will loathe. There is nothing worse than a person having a job that he or she absolutely despises.

Flath also defines words that students need to know so that when they see and/or hear them, they will know their definitions. He also includes quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Then, he explains what the quote means, as it relates to the target audience. Furthermore, I like the breakdown of working for an employer vs. being self-employed. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both is crucial because benefits and knowing how to file taxes is highly important.

Lastly, if students would like to know more about becoming a freelance and/or a technical writer, Flath includes the following sections: “Further Reading Section”, “Find Out More on the Internet”, and the “Bibliography”.

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