Wangari’s Trees of Peace

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Are brave enough to stand by yourself?

Born and raised in Kenya, Africa, Wangari Maathai saw a problem and took a stand despite the opposition that she faced.

Seeing the need to restore trees in her homeland, she takes it upon herself to right a wrong, restoring a barren land. Next, she shares her vision with other ladies. Their mission produces positive results!

Her message is powerful for young and older readers. Even when life does not go as planned, persevere and know that the desired results will happen. Stand up for what is right even if it means that you stand by yourself. You will find out that you are not alone; there will be other people who are fighting for the same cause as you and therefore will stand with you.

I love the illustrations in this book because young readers can know what Kenya looks like. In fact, through these pages, they can travel to Kenya to learn about the culture in a clear, colorful, and simplistic manner.

As I read this book, I was reminded of what is happening in many cities across the United States. As I drive down the street, I see more and more trees being torn down to make room for apartments, houses, businesses etc. Although this “may be” a necessity, it irritates me because I think about where the animals will live. I used to see rabbits behind my house all the time. Sadly, I do not see them hopping around and having fun due the coyotes who have decided to become my neighbors.

What about when it rains? Without trees, flooding becomes a major issue. I wish the city officials and developers would think about these concerns before destroying the land. It seems like all they care about is money. Therefore, do not be surprised when and if you see a bear walking down the street. Do not be stunned if you look out your window and see a coyote staring back at you. Do not be offended if the snake is in your home. I say this because someone once told me that a snake was in her home. My response, “You were in the snake’s home.”

Please, please, please, leave the land alone. The land needs to be respected because when a natural disaster occurs, human error can only intensify the damage. Who will help the people who have been affected? Do not say, “We are in this together” if you are not really trying to help them. Do not help some people and neglect others. Hence, we need to follow Wangari Maathai’s footsteps to take a stand and respect the land and try to restore its natural order.

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