Reading Fireworks

Over the years, I have accumulated books, books, books, and more books. Sadly, I have yet to read many of them. For someone who loves to read, I have been tremendously slacking, and I needed to determine why. My personal love for reading has been put on the back burner because I am always reading for class. This year, I have decided to make time to read my collection of books. I also wanted to join a book club, preferably one online. I found the Litsy app on my phone, read the reviews, and quickly became a member. The Litsy Welcome Wagon embraced me with open arms, and now my reading journey begins. My motivation stems from finally making time to read and my fellow Littens on Litsy. My goal is to read 50 books this year. Thus far, I have read 13 books, totaling 4,181 pages in January.

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Forever Reading

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