Kids’ Funniest Jokes

Because I am an adult, I know my readers are wondering how I learned about the book, Kids’ Funniest Jokes, and why I read it. A student recommended this book to me because she thought that I would like it. She was so excited about me reading it that there was no way I was going to reject her suggestion. 

The nature of this book is indicated by its title, Kids’ Funniest Jokes. Therefore, this book of jokes is written by kids for kids. When the reader opens the book, he or she does not randomly read jokes. They are organized by categories. “That’s Life!” “Very Wild!” “Knock-Knock!” “What Was That Again?” “What Could It Be?” “Back to School.” “How Do They Do It?” “Food Frenzy.” “Work & Play.” “Animal Fair.” These categories are the chapter titles for the hilarious jokes. 

As a child, my favorite jokes were knock-knock jokes. Hence, I was not surprised that my favorite chapter was “Knock-Knock!” While reading this chapter, I could not help but to laugh at these jokes because they made me think about the jokes that my friends and I told during our childhood. 

“That’s Life!” is another chapter that I found intriguing. It reminded me about life in the eyes of a child. I laughed at these jokes because a child’s innocence is truly enlightening, and his or her creativity is purely genuine. Hence, let us think about Madonna French’s joke. 

Who won the fight at the candy store?

I don’t know, but the lollipop got licked! 

To some people, this joke may or may not be funny, but to this eight-year-old child, it is extremely comical. As I read her joke, I visualized a child at a candy store licking a lollipop. I also imagined a child’s voice telling the joke. 

Revisit your childhood by reading Kids’ Funniest Jokes. You may read jokes that you and your friends told as children. But if those jokes are not included in this book, it is okay because there are some great jokes in this book. Therefore, I encourage you to take a break from the pandemic, and unplug your devices because these jokes will make you laugh. Remember, laughing is therapeutic. 

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