Who Knew?

Reading has been a part of my world since childhood. Hence, I am passionate about reading, and that will never change. Because I wanted to connect with other bibliophiles, I became a member of Litsy, Goodreads, and Instagram. I even began a blog, so I could share my book reviews and engage in stimulating conversations.

Through the Instagram community, I met LaQueisha Malone, editor of Strawberry-Lit Magazine.  When attending one or her Instagram lives, she asked me if I was an author. My response was simple, “No.” At the time, the thought of becoming an author never crossed my mind. Although she told me that I could become an author, I still had no interest in trying to become one.

Well, one day, that changed. Little did I know that these authors were having an influence on me. Due to the grade level that I teach and students that I tutor, I read a lot of children’s books and young adult literature. Therefore, I aspire to become a children’s author. Having decided on the type of writer that I aspire to be, an idea instantly came to mind, so I will be working on my new book. Having met many authors on Instagram has been a blessing in disguise. Stay tuned!

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