Carl Weber’s To Paris With Love

Paris Duncan is away at school, and a break has finally arrived. She is ready to come home, but there are circumstances preventing her from doing so. Instead of going home for this much wanted school break, Paris has to vacation in Spain at the request of her family. London, her big sister, is pregnant, and Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, their parents, do not even want these sisters to be near each other in the same household. Their relationship is so strained that they constantly quarrel with one another. Therefore, L. C. and Chippy want London to be far away from all drama so that her pregnancy will not be in any jeopardy, and yes, this drama includes Paris. If you are familiar with Carl Weber’s A Family Business Novel series, then you know that Paris lives, breathes, and eats drama, and she knows how to irritate anyone and everyone.

While in Spain, being typical Paris, she finds adventure by way of Niles Monroe. Niles is a handsome man who immediately catches Paris’ attention. He is a man whom Paris can see herself marrying, and she is the kind of girl whose heart is not easily captured by love. Niles and Paris are truly smitten with one another, and their relationship is heaven on earth. Sadly, she finds out some news that could wreak havoc on this new relationship. When she learns that Niles has been contracted to kill her father, she must make the most important decision of her life. Will she choose her father or assassinate the true love of her life? Read To Paris With Love to find out how Paris deals with her dilemma. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

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