Eric Jerome Dickey

The Tangled Web of Gideon

Although I am no stranger to Eric Jerome Dickey’s novels, I have not read the Gideon Series. I have read many reviews about this series, but I just have not read these particular books, so I decided that there is no better time like the present than to start reading about Gideon, the infamous hit man.

Sleeping with Strangers opens with major drama. Chapter 1 immediately interests me because Gideon, a hired killer is contracted to eliminate a minister. I’m thinking, “Surely, he will not kill the reverend.” Then, I say, “Wait a minute, won’t he go to hell if he kills a man of God?” Well, the clergyman does not make it; Gideon takes his life, receives his payment, and heads out of town. I am floored to learn that the minister’s wife wanted him dead. She discovers that he has cheated on her, and she exacts her revenge. Like the old saying goes, “Hell hath the no fury like a woman scorned.” In the King James Bible, Galatians 6:7 says it best, “…for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Hence, it is apparent that this man of the cloth must have overlooked and/or disregarded this particular scripture.

On a flight to England, Gideon meets Mrs. Jones, a consistent crier; Lola, a chatterbox; and indirectly, the mysterious man with whom he has business; he just does not know it yet. He is also searching for Thelma, his mother, and Arizona, a woman from his past and a character from Thieves’ Paradise. These characters take Gideon on a roller coaster ride, which abruptly stops and leaves readers rushing to purchase or check out the sequel, Waking with Enemies.

Because the suspense is at an all time high, I strongly recommend reading Sleeping with Strangers. If you have not read an EJD novel, then this is a great introduction. You will not be disappointed.

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