Langston Hughes Anyone?

Although this collection of poems is written for children, it is appropriate for individuals of all ages. Included in this non-intimidating volume are Hughes’ well-known poems. Accompanying the poems are illustrations that depict each poem and will catch the reader’s attention. It allows readers to visualize the theme/subject of each poem. Moreover, footnotes are included at the bottom of the page, so the younger audience will know the meaning of dialectical words and vocabulary words. Before each poem, a brief synopsis is provided so that the children will understand the subject of each poem.

Before reading this poetry, an introduction with a picture of Hughes is included. This introduction helps readers to understand Hughes’ life, his impact on the Harlem Renaissance, and his fight against racial and social justice. These poems not only help young readers but also all readers understand the struggles of African Americans during this time in history.

I loved this book; in fact, there was not one poem that I did not like. As I read “Aunt Sue’s Stories,” I was reminded of stories that my maternal and paternal grandparents shared with me. Also, “Mother to Son” is still relevant because African American mothers are still encouraging their sons to continue to stand strong and reach for the prize even though life may throw many curve balls their way.

As you read these selected poems, go on a journey with Langston Hughes. Travel down Hughes’ avenue of poetry. See the images, and hear his sounds. Feel the beat, and feel his moods. Read this book of poems!

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