To Bail or Not to Bail?

Last summer, I attended a professional development workshop, which focused on independent reading in the classroom. Since the English department at my school wanted to incorporate an independent reading program for our students, I decided to attend this workshop. The presenters displayed numerous young adult books from their classroom libraries. During the book tasting, they highlighted many books, but the novel that caught my attention was All Fall Down by Ally Carter. It is about sixteen-year-old Grace who is determined to find out who killed her mother. Excited to read this book, I checked it out at the library and began reading it. Sadly, I became busy and stopped reading it. I made a second attempt to read it several months later. Again, I abandoned it. After some thought, I determined that this book just did not capture my attention. Therefore, I returned it to the library. Since I did not finish this book, I will not rate it; however, I will try to read it at a later date.

Overall Message: It is okay to stop reading a book if the interest is absent.

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Forever Reading

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