Eric Jerome Dickey

A Must Read!

At 15 1/2 years-old and an honor roll student, Dante’s dream is to attend Howard University, a prestigious HBCU. However, Dante’s life endures a drastic change. After protecting his mother from his abusive father, Dante is sent to juvenile as opposed to being hailed a hero.

After serving his time, Dante is able to get back on his feet, but quickly finds difficult times when he is no longer employed. As a final result, Dante connects with his old friends, Scamz and Jackson. With the name Scamz, readers can quickly determine this character’s business dealings. As for Jackson, he is a great boyfriend and loving father to his daughters, but he owes back child support, and according to him and his girlfriend, their mother is making his life a miserable mess.

Everyone in this novel could benefit from some major cash in their lives. Therefore, Scamz devises the perfect scam, no pun intended, so everyone can have a lucrative payday. But with any perfect plan, something and anything can go wrong.

This is a must read novel because Eric Jerome Dickey creates suspense through the actions of his characters. There is also humor in this novel, and I have not read one of Dickey’s novel in which humor is absent. If readers are familiar with Dickey, then they know that characters may be present in his other novels, and these connections only add more mystery to his books.

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