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Black Women Who Dared

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The Coloured Women’s Club. Jackie Shane. Sylvia Estes Stark. The Hour-A-Day Study Club. Rosa Pryor. Sherona Hall. The Black Cross Nurses. Mary Miles Bibb. Chloe Cooley. BLOCKORAMA. This book focuses on the lives of ten black women and women’s groups that embodied strength, determination, and character.  They challenged injustices and through their actions, these women changed their communities for the better. These trailblazing, Black women and women’s groups are leaders to which ALL women can relate and continue to carry the torch. If you have never heard of these women, please read Black Women Who Dared because learning never stops. Thank you Ms. Moyer for publishing this inspiring book!! Personally, I am enlightened by the determination and strength of these women, and I know that, even when the road is bleak, my fight for education must continue. 

March: Book One John Lewis

A Turning Point

I tutor a student in reading, and she has come a long way from when I initially started working with her. Last summer, she was a rising 6th grader, but she was reading at the 4th grade level. This young student had a negative attitude towards reading and had no interest in picking up a book to read. Her mom asked me if I would work with her, and there was no way that I was going to say no.

Although she complained because she wanted to have her summer off, we worked together twice a week. Since she has “old school” parents, I had to laugh when they told her that she had no choice but to improve with her reading and that learning during summer was an option. It was a struggle, at first, because her fear of reading was really deep. However, the more we worked together, the more she began to feel comfortable.

We read a variety of print, which includes comic books and graphic novels because she loves them. Last week, we met for our session, and I told her that I had a surprise for her. She likes history, so I showed her a copy of March: Book One by John Lewis. I explained to her the purpose for this graphic novel and why I thought she would like it. When I told her that this copy now belonged to her, the look on her face was priceless. Then, the reading began. She read the first five pages, but she wanted to read them again. I told her to read with attitude this time, and she gave me ATTITUDE! I was so proud of her because she was not afraid; she was confident; she commanded the text. She is a different reader from last summer. She asked how many pages she had to read for our next session; I told her that was up to her. She replied, “Good!” I have a feeling that she will read many pages if not the entire graphic novel. When she said, “I’m glad Mr. Lewis wrote this book for students like me,” I knew that this was her turning point.

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Students Notice

This morning, I was standing at my classroom door, like always, greeting my students and reading a book. One of my students came to me and said, “Do you have this book? Have you read it yet?” I told her no, not yet. She said, “Here. This is yours.” I was speechless. I gave her the biggest hug ever!!!

I have talked to my students about the power of reading. I have shared with them the joy that reading brings me and how it has impacted my life in a positive manner. I also have made sure that I set an example with my reading. I tell my students about the current book that I am reading and why I liked or did not like it.

When standing at my classroom door, my students always see me reading a book. It can be the same book, or it can be a different one. But one thing is for sure; I always have a book in my hands. Now, I am beginning to see more of my students reading books, so I am glad that I am practicing what I preach and that my message is not going unheard.

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A Hidden Author for Hidden Figures: Margot Lee Shetterly

It is Tuesday, February 19, 2019, and the Lipscomb University campus in Nashville, Tennessee is buzzing with people on a cold, rainy evening. The English Department is hosting its Annual Landiss Lecture in the Collins Auditorium, and the featured speaker for this event is Mrs. Margot Lee Shetterly. Lipscomb University’s president, President L. Randolph Lowry and other persons responsible for coordinating this event extend a warm welcome to the audience. Mayor David Briley also delivers a heartfelt welcome. In this welcome, he passionately asks the attendees to do the following:

  • “read Hidden Figures and read overall
  • go to Parnassus Books, buy Hidden Figures, and spend more than you can afford (this comment generated much laughter from the audience)
  • move the city (Nashville), the state (Tennessee), and the country (United States) forward
  • obtain a Nashville Public Library card if you do not have one” (Welcome, Feb. 19). 

After these words of encouragement, the speaker is introduced. Humble. Gracful. Poise. These are the words that come to mind as Margot Lee Shetterly walks to the podium. Shetterly excitedly tells the audience that Hidden Figures is a hit!” (Lecture, Feb. 19) Being black. Virginia. Women mathematicians. Work. American story. “These words represent Hidden Figures,” explains Shetterly. (Lecture, Feb. 19) Furthermore, Shetterly affirms that she has seen the movie numerous times and each time, she likes it more and more. She says that she has viewed Hidden Figures with family, friends, NASA employees, ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, and other individuals and groups.

As she ends her lecture, Shetterly informs the audience that Dr. Christine Darden may come to Nashville, Tennessee to share her story as a “hidden figure”. Moreover, she states that she will be writing more books. Lastly, she leaves the audience to ponder the following questions: Who lives? Who dies? Who tells the story?

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Luke W. Molver’s Shaka Rising: A Legend of the Warrior Prince

If you have never heard of Shaka Zulu, then you need to read this book. If you only know a little bit about Shaka Zulu, then you need to read this book. If you know about Shaka Zulu, but have unanswered questions, then you need to read this book.

This graphic novel focuses on the life of Shaka Zulu from his childhood to his becoming king of the Zulu people. At the end of this novel, Molver includes a section that provides a detailed explanation of not only the story but also the life of the Zulus. Lastly, “Questions and Ideas for Going Deeper” is a section that teachers can use to foster critical thinking skills. I hope that Molver writes a continuation of Shaka’s story.

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