Adventures with Liyah Presents: Colors at First Sight by Vallean Jackson

Are you a parent who wants to teach your child about colors? Are you an educator who wants to teach your students about colors? Whether you are a parent, an educator, or both, Adventures with Liyah Presents Colors at First Sight is a book that all children should read. Just as the title suggests, this book focuses on Liyah’s adventures through the world of colors. Whether primary, secondary, or tertiary, Jackson’s book brings colors to life so much that young children will want to read it. In fact, it could be the book that children will continuously want to read for their bedtime story or during story time at school.

Liyah, the main character, loves colors, and no matter where she goes on her journey, she sees an item that represents its particular color. For example, when the story opens, readers see Liyah sitting at her bedroom window, looking upward. Readers do not know what she is viewing, but they do know that she has a smile on her face. When they turn to the next page, readers discover that Liyah is viewing the sky, and it is the blue sky that makes her happy. Similarly, each page in the book follows this format. Readers will view an illustration of Liyah in a different location (her adventure), then read about it, which features a new color.

Navi Robins, the illustrator, brings Liyah’s adventure to life. On the first page, readers see Liyah surrounded by the colors that are featured in the story. Each page’s background is in color, and the words are written in white. However, the featured color is written in its particular color. For example, when Liyah tells readers about the color red, every word with the exception of red is written in white. This is an excellent strategy to use because readers can visualize the difference between the colors. In addition, because the illustrations are so detailed and vivid, young readers will not have to guess what the pictures are about. Hence, these illustrations will strengthen readers’ learning because they will be able to identify the pictures and colors as they see them in their every day lives. 

Overall, this book is definitely worth purchasing. It promotes learning, it is well-written, and the illustrations are easy to understand for the targeted audience. It is evident that Jackson devoted much thought about the content of this book and had fun writing it, and Robins’ illustrations clearly depict the words on each page. Hence, children will have fun reading while learning.

     Forever Reading’s Rating = 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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